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What Are the Benefits of Mental Toughness?

January 17, 20242 min read

Heightened self-awareness of beliefs and emotions empowers kids to choose their thoughts, how they want to communicate, and positively affects their goal related behaviors.

Empowering Athletes: The Impact of Self-Awareness and Stress Management on Well-Being

The benefits of "Mental Toughness" are many: including enhancement of self-awareness and stress management skills, and becoming equipped with tools to navigate challenges, reduce procrastination, and foster a resilient attitude. Mental Toughness is holistic approach that promotes greater well-being, optimism, and the confidence needed to achieve their goals.

In workshops and 1:1 coaching, we delve into the transformative impact of enhancing athletes' self-awareness and stress management skills. This foundational aspect empowers them to consciously navigate and respond to challenging situations, fostering effective decision-making. Understanding the stress response becomes a key asset, allowing kids to learn about and stay within their optimal activation zone. Once they practice and are more self-aware, they set the stage to become more consistent in games, competitions and anytime they are performing under pressure.

The development of heightened concentration levels emerges as a crucial component, enabling children to maintain focus amid distractions. This not only leads to reduced procrastination but also sparks an increased inclination towards planning and goal-directed behaviors. The positive shift extends to improved optimism, cultivating a resilient "can-do" attitude in the face of challenges.

The overarching result is a state of greater well-being characterized by contentment and enhanced stress management. An additional layer of empowerment comes through the instillation of relaxation, breathing, and focus skills. These valuable tools equip children to cope with challenges, preventing risky behaviors and mitigating the risk of negative mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety later on.

This holistic approach goes beyond immediate benefits, nurturing increased aspirations and greater ambition in children. It instills the confidence and perseverance essential for them to actively pursue and achieve their goals. By teaching and getting kids on board to embrace these empowering strategies, we pave the way for a positive and resilient future generation.

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Shannon Peck

Shannon Peck has over 15 years of experience in the fields of psychology and executive coaching, she brings a unique approach to acquiring Mindset techniques in a fun and positive atmosphere that combines evidence-based practices with an athlete centered approach. She holds a Master's degree in Psychology and is a certified Sport Psychology Coach with experience coaching Athletes, Coaches Parents, and Youth Sport Leaders in building great sports' cultures. She was an accomplished competitive skater in her youth and has coached competitive skaters for over 25 years. She toured as a principal skater with Ice Capades, Disney on Ice, Sea World Rhythms on Ice, Holiday on Ice and American Super Dream in Japan.

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"I used to get really frustrated with myself on bad skating days, especially when I came into the rink already upset or sad. I would often leave more frustrated than when I came in. Coach Shannon taught us about our emotional tank and how our state of mind can impact our performance, which has made a huge impact on my improvement. When I became aware of my emotional tank, I was able to adjust my expectations and what I was practicing that day, which allowed me to make progress on the harder days. In general, it helped me have a better attitude toward skating and enjoy it much more. Now, I’ve applied this to different aspects of my life, including school and it has really helped! "

Tiffany - Synchronized and Singles Figure skater

"One of the most powerful things that I took away from my coaching with Shannon was the use of Imagery, how I can use it to prepare for challenging situations. When I practice with Imagery ahead of time, I realize that I have been there before and I’ve planned for this situation. As a result, I feel more in control and confident of my abilities. I now use Imagery to
prepare for challenging situations as a way to regulate my emotions and get me in a good mindset, it’s great to feel prepared.

The other thing that has really helped was being aware of my activation level. Before, I won’t lie, I was unaware of it, and now that I know where I want to be (excitement level as I start a game), I feel better, like I am in more control of how I am showing up. "

Ava - High School Softball player

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