Mental Toughness Training for Athletes

What separates the athletes who make it onto the podium from those who do not?

Mental Toughness


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What is Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness is an internal attribute that determines an athlete's ability to perform consistently under pressure, it is related to one's character, their resilience, grit and perseverance. When athletes define who they are and where they want to go, they set the stage for success. Learning and refining mental toughness skills prepares athletes to show up as the best version of themselves whether in practice, competition, or in contributing to team outcomes.

Outcomes from greater levels of Mental Toughness

  • Higher levels of confidence

  • Improved concentration and focus control

  • Reduced performance anxiety

  • Increased resiliency when set backs occur

  • Improved motivation and goal focused behaviors

  • Improved awareness and reframing of self-defeating thoughts

  • Better ability to deal with difficult emotions

  • Improved communication/ conflict resolution skills

How to develop Mental Toughness

Following the stages of learning, kids who are exposed to Mental Toughness principles will LEARN, spend time to practice and acquire SKILLS, and gain MASTERY after applying skills in different environments. Mental Toughness is comprised of 6 key elements that athletes acquire in sequence:

  • Conscious awareness

  • Choice

  • Control

  • Commitment

  • Confidence

  • Consistency

Athletes in individual and team sports spend countless hours refining their athletic skills but often neglect building their Mental Toughness skills.



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